Sketchy internet is sketch but at least I was able to see one of my stock plays triggered exactly as it should’ve and made me about $160 today. Woo for daytrading from the ocean, right?

I’m thinking I’m going to run a dryer load, after Evan and me got doused on the deck last night with the Canadians; it was raining and we went out in the rain, which quickly became gale force/monsoon quality and drenched us completely. Fun times nonetheless. Saw them today while Tony and I were having lunch and chatted for a bit.

Time to unload everything on the camera, make sure both batteries are charged and pack it into plastic bags in my carrying case. We’re going on a really cool excursion set up by another cruiser who we found through a forum I was frequenting for this trip. It’s two boats; a pirate boat and a longship, that have been chartered to sail together. I described it in my earlier post. We’re way excited about that, but I’m not sure how wet we can expect to get on deck so I’m going to do whatever I need to to make sure the camera stays dry, and I’ll bring the cellphone with to make a couple calls and as a backup camera, since getting *it* wet isn’t as big a concern to me.

We’ve got to be off the boat and at the meeting spot at 8:15 am, so it looks like we’ll all be taking a couple melatonin shortly here, considering no one woke up before 2 today. (And that we didn’t fall asleep until 6 or 7.) Maybe we’ll get up at 6 and try the whole “breakfast” thing. We’ll see.

I’d love to get pictures up, so let’s see how this one works out. It’s of me carefully pondering my next giant chess game move against Evan, from the first day: