We went to bed promptly near midnight last night, aided by copious amounts of melatonin, helping each of us to varying degrees. Woke up promptly at 6:50, when I had programmed my alarm, showered and set off for breakfast; our first. Breakfast was very tasty and since I mentioned our situation, (in at 7:30, needing to meet the group off the boat by 8:15) very timely. I had scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns and bacon. Evan went for the Eggs Benedict and Tony had an omelete. Good times.

I’m downloading my photos now. I managed to shoot about 775 of them, almost all of them crap or totally redundant, but that’s how it goes with digital. I’ll upload any decent ones if I get a chance.

The shore excursion ended up a great deal of fun, but it started off with problems. It seems the owner of The Lord Sheffield, the pirate ship, decided to take a contract with a Royal Caribbean ship at the last moment and completely screwed the nice woman, Marilyn, who had put this entire thing together. And confirmed just two days ago. What ended up happening is that 20 of us still went on the Random Wind, a fun sailboat and the group kinda parted ways. What’s very interesting is that everyone who wanted on the boat ended up there, everyone who bailed appeared just fine and went to go see the carnival (parade) so not as bad as it could have been by a long shot. Still, incredibly poor form by the Lord Sheffield to be sure.

The Random Wind took us around the cove into a nice little bay right off the coast of the airport. If you’ve ever seen those pictures with the enormous jets landing all of 10 feet above a beach, it was that airport, just off the right side of the runway. Very cool stuff.

We definitely got to swim some, which was great and had a tasty lunch of curry chicken, which I fear may be causing my stomach to rumble in unsavory ways as it’s doing now. I also managed to get a bit burned on the arms, but all in all I’m alright.

Good times. Now to dig through the hundreds of photos I’ve taken. Total trip photo count: 1,435.