23 hour days are a strange sensation and a bit of a challenge. Given the alternative of 5 hours+ of jet lag all at once, this is clearly the way to travel. Because we’re traveling east at a rate of exactly one time zone per day, each of the five days of our transatlantic journey involve a one hour “leap forward” on our clocks before we go to bed. With nothing substantial to do on sea days like this, though, we can sleep as much as we need to play off the timezone shift. And booze.

We’ve been enjoying ourselves just spreading out and finding things to do on the boat. Tony has been writing music for his schools, I’ve been writing lyrics for the band, Evan’s been watching shows in the cigar bar. Life is good. (And watching a sunset off the stern of the boat is good inspiration, to be sure.)

I also think I *may* still be able to “hack” the internet, or at least piggyback off of someone else’s connection. My computer is causing me a bit of trouble, but I hope to be able to get around that. We shall see. As it is, I have about 30 of my 250 minutes left so a rebuy may be in order.

Poker’s been kinda terrible. The house takes a ridiculous 15% rake, capped at $5 which is just obscene. It’s no limit, which is interesting, and I’ve thrown about $160 into it and that may be all. It is at least for now.

The satellite TV has dropped most of the channels, so we’re watching our own TV we were smart enough to download. Kudos to that.

Met some more folks our age; we think there’s all of 12 of us on the boat. So we hung out with them last night. Evan and Tony got to see a penthouse suite and watched the sunset from the balcony. I was elsewhere, but it’s just a big room.

More good times to come.