We’re now in GMT -2, so it’s… 5:15pm here while it’s 12:15pm back home. Tomorrow, we’ll be in GMT -1 and then the next day, GMT. Woo.

I just shot out my memory card on the sunset. About 1,100 pictures, almost all of them crap, but I was playing around a lot with the aperature/time value (shutter speed) settings and learning more about how those work. (The photos store all the settings at the time of the shot, so I can look back on them and use that as a reference.)

More of the same yesterday, hanging out at the piano bar and the “disco” because that’s where folks our age tend to gravitate. All 12 of them. We all pretty much know each other now, so that’s good times.

Dinner last night was really good and our waiters are really nice and fun. They keep showing us tricks and the like.

Oh, and Lindsay: The comedian on board is the same guy that was on the Triumph. Same racist indian jokes that aren’t funny. Same terrible set. Except this time, and I shit you not: he ended it with a bellowing rendition of “God Bless America.” And he was dead serious. So after all the mockery of other cultures and races, it’s okay, because you know, God Bless America. I almost threw up. Srsly.

Heading to dinner soon. Had to re-buy internet, because I’m being terribly *un*judicious. Two more days across the Atlantic. Check our location with the link on the left; we’re definitely in the middle of NOWHERE now. It’s kinda creepy when you consider it. There are no land masses about ANYwhere near.

I’m getting way excited for Portgual, but we definitely need to come up with something to do once we reach Livorno, Italy. More to come later, naturally. Thanks for following along!