It’s day four of our transatlantic crossing. It’s kinda cool to look at the positioning screen that they have throughout the ship and just see LINE-DOT-BLUE. It scales out to give context, but it has to scale out damn far.

We stayed up to watch the sunrise, from the very front of the ship. Then we managed to make it another hour and go to a wonderful sit-down breakfast of… many, many foods. Eggs all around.

We also discovered “deck 15” which is, to say, the deck where the spinning radar and satellite elements of the ship reside. And where the laundry drier “exhaust” comes out, so like kittens delighting in warm laundry air, we stood, with otherwise colder air around us.

The temperature is really quite nice. 70s all around and windy. Food has been great and we’ve been enjoying ourselves quite a bit, now that we’ve found some great people to stay up with and have fun with.

That’s all for now. More later. Portugal on Monday. Balmy 72°F.