Our day in Malaga, Spain was a great success. While our tour guide was terribly boring, the caves were quite impressive. We enjoyed a great omlette breakfast in Nerja. The drive to and from Nerja was pretty terrible; visually unimpressive and desert-like in some areas. Nothing like Portugal, which was truly breathtaking at every turn.

When we returned, we had to option to be driven back directly to the boat, or dropped off at the entrance to the port (a good mile away from the boat, actually). We opted to spend our remaining 3 hours in the city. (Well, Tony and I did; Evan went back to the boat for some heretofore unclear reason.) We met up with Hilly by chance on the streets, one of the friends we’ve met who we’ve been having a great time with. Hilly metioned a tapas bar he had seen in the city center (centro cuidad or something) so off we went.

My hunt for chocolate con churros had been unslaked, until we turned a corner and landed at a cafe at the end of a square, advertising it in the window. My dad had told me years ago that if I ever ended up in Spain, I *had* to try the chocolate con churros. I hadn’t really understood why that one thing had stuck with him, but I certainly understand it now. We had the perfect little dessert; the chocolate was so rich and perfectly sweet, the churros fresh and amazing and it just fit perfectly with gorgeous weather, an accordion player who Hilly called over and paid to play a song (or two) for us, a creepy beggar guy who mumbled something in idiomatic, perhaps Basque/Euskara, since it was barely intelligible, and a beautiful facade across all the buildings that surrounded the cafe. Truly, the highly of our day in Spain.

We have our final sea day tomorrow. Or, later today, such as the case may be. After that, we’re landing in Livorno and then Rome immediately following. We’re planning to hang out with Brad, the piano bar player, in Livorno, hopefully heading straight away into Florence. He’s never been to any Europe ports of call so good times to come for sure.

Tony, Hilly and I entertained ourselves in the long re-embarkation line by singing random showtunes, to much hilarity. There was also: more chess on deck, drunkenness made considerably worse by INCREDIBLY choppy waters in the Mediterranean, Daft Punk, pouring rain, long talks with new friends and a great deal more excitement. For instance, we visited the supper club last night and it was absolutely incredible; one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten, period. Absolutely worth the $30/person.

There’s a lot more I’m missing, I’m sure, but for now, it’s 6am and I want to get some sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour today. It’ll help me get in bed on time for Florence.