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We just returned form an amazing day tour through the island of Madeira, Portugal. It’s absolutely incredible. I can’t upload any of the 940 photos I snapped today until I get to faster internet, but I definitely got to see Cabo Girao and drive above the clouds and eat some indigenous fish and so much more. A perfect day.

More to come. Oh, and to those who know me well enough: just received official word that we won the state contract. It’s a goooood day. 🙂


You should really take a second and check out the webcam today. It shows a blurry image of beautiful Madeira. That is all. I’m off to breakfast, after no more than five hours of sleep (but rather refreshed nonetheless) and then on to the excursion. Wish me awesomeness.

(No idea if that image will display properly or for how long…)